About Us

Gommagomma has a long and proud heritage of quality lounge furniture in South Africa. The lounge suites are all designed with workmanship and looks that last. They are available in a wide range of colours and combinations.

We frequently refresh our range of styles, fabrics and options to give our customers more choice and scope to help them find the lounge suite they really want.

Everyone’s taste is different, so it makes sense to make lounge suites individually.

Only the best

We source and purchase raw material from local and international suppliers and transform those raw materials in our process plants, while carefully following every phase of the processing: from the production of the frame to the preparation of the fabric and the padding to offer the best quality.

The Covering Material

The following covering material are used on our furniture:

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

This covering is used to offer an affordable alternative to genuine leather while still offering a “leather look”.

  • It is a synthetic product which is coated onto a polyester backer and then embossed with a leather print roller to give the leather look.
  • The product is fully washable with mild soap and water.
  • Although made to resemble leather it can often be distinguished from Genuine leather by having a more synthetic look and feel.

PU (Poly-Eurathane)

  • This is very similar to PVC and commonly used in the handbag, shoe and furniture industry.
  • The product is available bonded to polyester non-woven or woven backers.
  • It has similar properties to PVC although it has a softer feel (handle).
  • With both PVC and PU being synthetic products they are susceptible to deterioration through use of incorrect cleaning agents as well as perspiration (urea).

Upholstery Fabric

We source the best available upholstery fabric in different price ranges from around the world. Our Polyester Chenille and microfibres are chosen for their look, feel and durability.

Made in South Africa

Gommagomma is always hard at work building a South African product to be proud of.
Gommagomma’s manufacturing plant is based in Isithebe just outside Durban, where we employ +/- 1,000 people. Every day we proudly produce 500 lounge suites by hardworking, dedicated employees who are driven by determination and commitment to quality.
At Gommagomma, we are investing in our factory and doing everything we can to remain a trusted, strong and competitive employer in South Africa. Our South African-made advantage allows us to provide the fastest furniture delivery possible, with customer service which offers highly professional and immediate assistance.


Things have really evolved since Gommagomma’s first lounge suite was developed back in 1988. Over the subsequent decades, our product line has grown to include a myriad of pieces and styles, and our brand name has become highly recognized across South Africa.

We are extremely proud of our past and we look forward to providing you with South African-made good value lounge suites for many more years to come.