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Choosing Tips

Tips for choosing your Gommagomma lounge suite

Will it be used for family TV watching or occasional guests?

Consider your lifestyle and start from there when choosing your lounge suite. Also think about which part of the house it will be placed. Will it be placed in the family room or in the formal living room? Having kids may also add to your reconsiderations. For the longevity of the furniture, avoid delicate upholstery like that of satin.

The fabric pattern?

If you prefer plain design then it is best to narrow down your choices to more toned-down colours. However, choosing patterned upholstery is another thing. Choose a pattern that may conceal “add-on” designs. With this in mind, you may choose multi coloured pattern. This will help you hide the dirt and stains that your children have created.

What colour lounge suite will fit with the rest of your décor?

It is not always advisable to pick the colour that looks strong. As far as home designing is concerned, neutral colours still remain to be the ideal choice. Then if you want to capture those hot and striking colours then take advantage of the lounge suite accessories. Throw pillows are much less expensive and they may be great additions to your home décor. Plus, you can always change the look of your living room by rearranging your pillows or by changing their pillow case colours.

Will it provide enough seating space for family and friends?

Now that you have answered these questions, scroll through our range of lounge suites offered through our retail partners, whereby each Gommagomma design is exclusive to that particular retailer.

Decorating Tips

The eye is a muscle and likes to be worked. To avoid a boring living room, give your eyes something to do. But don’t go overboard, in most living rooms, one main focal point is enough.

Rethink your furniture arrangement

The living room is where you spend your time with your family, watch your favourite TV shows and entertain guests. For this reason, this part of the house needs to provide comfort and a relaxing ambience. You can achieve this by properly arranging the furniture.

The first thing to consider is how wide the space is.

  • A smaller room will need only a single couch, a few chairs and some end tables.
  • If you have a larger living room, you will need a bigger sofa, coffee tables and extra chairs.

Another thing to consider is the flow of traffic.

  • Arrange the furniture in such a way as to allow smooth foot traffic.
  • Furthermore, the pieces should be not too far so that you can encourage conversation among the occupants.
  • While arranging the furniture, the larger pieces should be placed in the room first. This can make your task easier and faster.
  • Pull your furniture away from the walls to create a more dynamic arrangement. If you have the room, placing a long narrow table behind your couch can help avoid that “floating” feeling.
  • Notice the path from the door to each seat in the room. Is it a straight shot, or do you need to swerve around furniture? Aim to have a gently flowing path to each seat.

Feeling the crunch in a small space

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you have a very small room it can actually seem larger when filled up with big, comfortable furniture. The key is to seek out pieces that fill the space without overwhelming it. An L-shape couch works particularly well in tiny rooms, and a straight-backed armchair feels substantial without taking up too much floor space.

Use symmetry

Adding a few symmetrical elements is a classic decorator fix. Pairs of matching lamps, vases or stools, or two sofas facing each other work well. Just be aware that too much symmetry can feel stiff, so set that last chair a bit askew or create an asymmetrical arrangement on your material to loosen things up.


It’s not necessary to only purchase dark upholstery items while raising kids. You can have white furniture if that’s what desire.

Go bold! Living in a home with children gives you a perfect excuse to choose colour. In studies, yellow has been shown to make both children and adults feel happier.

Adding floor cushions to your living room will not only give little ones a soft place to land, they can pack a punch. Choose cushions in bright colours and graphic patterns and instantly inject fun into an otherwise neutral space.

Choose occasional furniture carefully. The rounded corners are more kid friendly than a sharp edge would be. Or perhaps nix the traditional coffee table and select a pair of cushioned ottomans to tie your space together.

Including some of your children’s artwork with some of your favourite art pieces will give your home life and personality. Plus, it will bring a bright smile to the face of anyone who visits.

Care Tips

Caring for your Gommagomma lounge suite.

A new lounge suite can be a major investment for many families. If that is true of your family, you may be worried that no upholstery will stand up to the tornado that is your son and daughter. Never fear! Here are some tips that will guide you.


South Africa’s climate can be harsh. Even indirect strong light can cause fabrics to fade and perish.
We recommend that you move your chairs and settees around the room from time to time to reduce exposure to sunlight.

Avoid sharp objects

Be careful not to snag threads with sharp objects. However, if one of the loops has broken do not pull it further: cut it off as short as possible.


When moving your furniture DO NOT lift at the arms or flaps, always lift it at the corners of the base. When transporting furniture wrap each piece in a blanket or similar material and tie down firmly but not over tight. Place a piece of protective cardboard between the rope or webbing and the blanket to prevent damage.

Take care not to store furniture stacked on the cushions or arm rests as this will compress the foam or fibre filling. Your furniture is best packed upright, resting on the base. Cover your furniture with a dust cover if you plan to store it for a lengthy period.


If your cushions are fibre filled, restore the original shape by flipping and “puffing out” the cushions and pillows regularly. Furniture with a high fabric pile can become flattened in pressure areas such as the armrests.

After a while you will notice the foam in the seat cushions will soften by at least 20% of its original hardness enjoy the comfort of furniture that is now worn-in.

Sit properly

Sitting on the arms of settees and chairs should be discouraged as it puts unnecessary strain on them and can cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and fabric.

Keep it clean

Dust settles on lounge furniture just as it settles on cabinet furniture.

  • Dust your furniture using a vacuum cleaner or feather duster at least once a week.
  • Remove stains using a damp white cloth.
  • If a spill or stain won’t come out consult an upholstery specialist.
  • Show-wood surfaces require no polishes or sprays, simply wipe them with a clean, damp cloth.